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90 Minute Integrative Facial  $130.00

A facial that helps to move energy by incorporating techniques such as tapping, qigong, sound healing, guided meditation and reiki to promote relaxation and wellness.  Helping to balance the mind and the body to support your overall well being. This treatment is meant to cultivate and nurture an openness to stimulate and create a lightness emotionally, energetically, spiritually and physically.   internal self care is the core to support and reflect what appears externally.

50 Minute Facial $85.00

My custom facials consist of cleansing the skin with a form of exfoliation utilizing the method of physical or enzymatic therapy, followed by light extractions to address congested pores to prepare your skin for one of several custom treatments consisting of therapies utilizing red light, micro-current, micro-needling, sonic cleansing, glycolic acid or papaya enzyme facial massage. The treatment is finished off with a soothing mask that consist of natural ingredients, then removal and ending with a regimen of skincare. I created this type of facial to benefit my clients without restricting them to a specific type of facial. Our skin changes daily and many factors such as diet, hormones, lifestyle and environment affect how our skin looks and feels. That is why my facials are tailored to address those needs at the time of service.