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A method of removing unwanted body hair by applying a mixture of sugar, lemon juice and water to the skin and peeling the all natural paste off together with the hair. Sugaring can be done with as little as 1/8 inch of hair growth and is gentle enough on the skin to be used repeatedly within the same area. This process allows for little to no irritation, ingrown hair or breakage of hair. The results are slower regrowth, as well as finer hair and a natural exfoliation of dead skin cells which often helps with discoloration. It is said that sugaring dates back to 1900 BC surrounding regions of Persia and known to be hypoallergenic gentle for all skin types.




All Prices are Set and include tax and gratuity


Womens Brazilian                                                          $81.00

Womens Brazilian Maintenance (within 5 weeks by me)          $60.00

Mens Brazilian                                                                        $110.00

Mens Brazilian Maintenance (within 5 weeks by me)              $90.00

Underarms                                                                              $31.00

Womens Bikini  (2 inches from inner thighs and naval)          $55.00

Full Legs                                                                                $125.00

Half Legs  (includes knees)                                                    $80.00

Full Arms                                                                               $95.00

Half Arms (includes elbows)                                                 $70.00

Chest or Back                                                                       $95.00

Small lower back or trail to naval or back of neck                $30.00

Other small area (up to 5 inches radius)                              $25.00


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