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Skincare is my passion and my clients are the flame that fuels that passion. I strive to provide the safest, most effective methods of skincare services with your best interest at heart. Because of my integrity, commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, my business has received positive feedback from satisfied clients. Read the testimonials provided to get an idea of the quality of my sugaring, threading, and facial treatments offered to my valued clients.

"Jenny is amazing! I can't wax because I'm allergic and there were no other alternatives on Maui so I flew to Oahu just to get "groomed" UNTIL I found Jenny... I get threaded and sugared with Jenny and the results are seriously amazing!!! I just got sugared for the first time and the end result is so much better than waxing!!! I love it!!! Thanks Jenny!!! I'm so glad I found her here on Maui!" Joy P.

"After a few months of facial threading, Jenny mentioned to me that she is now offering "sugaring" down there, meaning the punani region. I have never tried waxing, much less sugaring down there. I'm the kind of person that gets shy just going to get my lady checkups. But I wanted to try something new. I think getting my punani sugared for the first time was pretty damn painful but the results were SO worth it. My husband definitely appreciates it. The hair literally did not grow back for a month and when it did it was less coarse and thick. I also got zero ingrown from sugaring and I walked out of my first session with no redness. When I come in now for touch ups (every 1.5-2 months), the process is painless now because there is so much less hair to deal with. And I don't know how she does it, but getting sugared down there was zero awkward or uncomfortable. Jenny is an awesome professional who makes hair removal fun and easy." Joanne S.

"I'm a recent convert from facial waxing to threading thanks to Jenny. I LOVE getting threaded! No more sticky mustache areas followed by those tiny whiteheads (Ugh!). Threading is quick and clean (she does not put the threads in her mouth like most do) and surprisingly not that painful. I have oily skin and I really like that she gets all those fine facials hairs so my makeup goes on smoother and my face doesn't get as oily. Definitely check her out!" Wailana Q.

"Jen is so nice and was kind enough to work around my schedule. This was my first time getting my face threaded and before my session she explained the type of products she would be using and made sure I was comfortable. The process wasn't as painful as I thought it would be and the results are totally worth the little pain. My face is so smooth and hairless. From now on I won't be waxing, so glad I decided to try threading. Will be returning again!" Aerie Y.

"Jenny does a great job, very accommodating in her scheduling. Threading is painful for Asian hair, but totally worth it! Love the results." Michelle E.

"So, when I moved to Maui, I didn't realize that threading isn't as popular here as it is on the mainland. Ensue panic. I've gotten my eyebrows threaded religiously for years. Luckily, through word of mouth I found Jenny, and let me tell you, SHE IS A GEM. Her atmosphere is so comfortable and professional, and she's so down to earth. And let's not fail to mention that her work is top notch. She keeps everything super clean, and she's extremely knowledgeable with everything skin care. If you're looking for threading on Maui, Jenny is the one! Eyebrows on point :)" Rae D.

"Jenny is amazing! She takes her time and has a great threading hand. When I lived on the mainland I had gone to many different threading specialists, as nyc has a plethora of them. The thing is the person needs to have great thread and a gentle hand. Jenny has both and I am so grateful to now have a threading specialist living here on Maui. Jenny has a great eye for symmetry and I am very happy how my eyebrows came out. Jenny is professional, humorous and has a very kind nature, she is a pleasure to be around. I highly recommend Jenny for any skin care services. Soooo lucky to have her on the island!" Vanessa V.

"Jenny is the best, point, blank, period. If you're looking to get threaded or sugared, you've found your go-to-person, I promise. It's true what the other review said, Maui is so lucky, no--blessed to have her! 12/10 recommend ;)" . Kaysha S.

"My first facial! She was so friendly and informative, very helpful on what product to use to better my skin and not in a sales way! Love her! Customized my facial to skin's need. Her place was clean and I felt comfortable. Will be back for monthly facials and possibly more!" Brenna A.



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