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Other Services 

I offer a range of services that enhance your natural beauty by using products and techniques that are skin friendly and result driven.  My commitment is to apply all of my expertise, knowledge and certifications to provide you with safe and best practices possible. 


Yumi Lash Lift with tint $175.00 (includes tax and gratuity)

This keratin infused advanced treatment from France is Vegan, free of harsh chemicals-parabens-formaldehyde-PPD and EU-approved.  A lash lift that truly supports and enhances your natural lashes giving you a feminine, and attractive look that makes your eyes appear brighter and open with 'no maintenance'. 

Enjoy a relaxing experience during this 2 hour service.

This unique and non-invasive treatment gives your lashes that lift and curl that will last anywhere from 8-12 weeks!

(Hormonal changes will affect the results of the lift, and may not be suitable during those changes)

brow Lift $65.00
Brow Lift & Stain $85.00
(includes tax and gratuity)

This technique is​ a treatment to enhance your natural brows by softening the hair, and making it more manageable by giving that additional volume and fluff to style your brows with a simple brow gel or an effortless fill with your favorite brow pencil or powder.   Your brows can maintain it's shape with the swipe of a spooly and keeps it soft appearance up to 4-6 weeks.​


A method of removing unwanted body hair by applying a mixture of sugar, lemon juice and water to the skin and peeling the all natural paste off together with the hair. Sugaring can be done with as little as 1/8 inch of hair growth and is gentle enough on the skin to be used repeatedly within the same area. This process allows for little to no irritation, ingrown hair or breakage of hair. The results are slower regrowth, as well as finer hair and a natural exfoliation of dead skin cells which often helps with discoloration. It is said that sugaring dates back to 1900 BC surrounding regions of Persia and known to be hypoallergenic gentle for all skin types.

All Prices are Set and include tax and gratuity
Womens Brazilian
Womens Brazilian Maintenance (within 5 weeks by me)
Mens Brazilian
Mens Brazilian Maintenance (within 5 weeks by me)
Womens Bikini (2 inches from inner thighs and naval)
Full Legs
Half Legs (includes knees)
Full Arms
Half Arms (includes elbows)
Chest or Back
Small lower back or trail to naval or back of neck
Other small area (up to 5 inches radius)

A method in which unwanted facial hair is removed by using an organic and 100% cotton thread in a twisted manner to pull the hair from the follicle without damaging the skin or compromising the elasticity or integrity of the skin. Threading is for all skin types and all ages, due to its natural process and allows for a more precise and controlled removal around the delicate areas such as the eyes. It is said that the art of threading started in India over 6000 years ago and has spread throughout over time due to its benefits and popularity.

All Prices are set and include tax and gratuity
Womens Brow Shaping
Womens Brow Maintenance (within 5 weeks by me)
Womens Lip
Womens Lip Maintenance (within 5 weeks by me)
Chin ( 2 inches around the chin bone)
Chin, jawline and under the jawline
Full Face
Full Face Maintenance (within 5 weeks by me)
Mens Brow Shaping
Mens Brow Maintenance (within 5 weeks by me)
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